About She-El



She-El is an apolitical, autonomous and non-profit organization founded by third generation graduates of CCVL, EEIF, and Moadon Loisirs.

In 2017, Deborah Yomtov launched Yomkaits holiday camp in partnership with Moadon. Thanks to the great success, Laura Lasry decided to take over the youth summer camp of Moadon here is Israel together with an involved and enthusiastic group of friends. It includes, Deborah Sillam, Deborah Yomtov, Melanie Sztykman, Lea, Eilon Zerbib, Michel Berros, all of them Israeli today who hope to create a new dynamic for the Israeli children: A youth camp with the French touch but in Hebrew.  She turned to the founders of Moadon and suggested to adapt the Moadon concept in Israel
and they right away said Let’s go.

Our philosophy

After 25 years of activity in France, based on informal education, « learning without realizing it » and social activity with children as « actors / directors » and not spectators, we now want to transmit our experience.

We want to pursue the personal and social development of a new generation of young people in Israel.

Our Missions

Our role is to organize cultural, artistic, educational, community and sportive activities for children during the holidays.

Promote the integration of olim from France. Enable all the children of Israel to be together highlighting each other’s traditions and culture. Our objective is to turn differences into assets.

Contribute to our children’s blossoming based on listening, curiosity, autonomy, sharing, helping, entrepreneurship and respect.
Creativity and adaptation are the keywords of our approach.



We solicit donations in the hope that children can share their holidays with us whatever their social level is. We then pass this spirit of giving onto the children.


Via sport and group activities, educators play a role of “informal educator” and “big brother”. In both the individual and collective contexts they lead by example: positive communication, respect towards the opposition etc.


In our centers, the children and educators share social life. This is how we build a large family throughout the years.


All our activities demand involvement, this is how children improve on their own, through creating and inventing. Educators handle the educational aspect, placing the children at the very core, and enabling them to discover themselves.

Our Partners

From our  past successes, we know that being together makes us stronger. We have built partnerships with similar Israeli organizations. We want to integrate ourselves in an existing network and create many bridges so that, together, we can be stronger.


More than a partner, Moadon is our big brother, with whom we share the pleasure to create and develop activities in Israel.


We have to thank Qualita and its spontaneous support. We hope we can push our partnership further in order to encourage the aliyah of french-speaking children and, more generally, support french-speaking families all over Israel.